Nordic SeaFarm signs agreement with pioneering brewery Smögenbryggar'n

Who is Smögenbryggar'n?

Smögenbryggar'n is one of Sweden's most innovative breweries, not only brewing tasty beers but also working for a living coastal society and a sustainable marine environment.

All beers are brewed with products that have been grown at sea - and in several cases organic seaweed from Sweden!

What will you do together?

Nordic SeaFarm and Smögenbryggar'n have entered into an agreement to develop more tasty and locally produced products by utilizing the knowledge that has been built up around seaweed in drinks and beverages in recent years.

We are very excited to work more with Smögenbryggar'n and support both the product development and contribute to more living coastal societies.

Stay tuned for more!

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